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Hello, my name is Andrea and I am The Cornish Homestead.  As a child of the 70’s I loved the tv programme The Good Life, you know the one...with Tom and Barbara, their menagerie of animals, veggies, dodgy hand knit jumpers and Pea Pod Wine. Some would probably say I was obsessed with it. I yearned for that life. It’s taken a while via a very winding path but I’m here and I would like to share the products of my “Good Life” with you. Here at the Cornish Homestead you will find traditional hand crafted cold process soap, solid shampoo bars, salves, balms and body butters - You will also find an assortment of other affordable loveliness appearing here and there so please subscribe to our newsletter to find out more.  I have been making cold process soap, from scratch for about 17 years.  My soap making journey began while living in Spain, with my oldest child who had very sensitive skin.  I learnt to make soap from a recipe scribbled on a scrap of paper, written in Spanish with hands on instruction given by El Rubio and his abuela who I met while getting water from the village well.  My recipe has been refined over the years to give a luxurious, gentle well lathering, long lasting bar that is cured for anything from 4 weeks upto 18 months for our limited edition 100% olive oil bars.  We now include a vegan version in our range that includes 20% fair trade unrefined organic shea butter from a womens collective in Ghana.  We scent our soaps with either high quality essential oils or fragrance oils.  When using fragrance we try where possible to use pthalate free varieties.  Neither we nor our suppliers test products on animals. We will not use Elaeis guineensis palm oil or its derivatives in our products.

To keep me occupied during the wet and windy Cornish winter I currently hand make all the boxes our soap comes in.  They are made from recycled card and stuck together with a potato starched based glue making them recyclable or compostable.  Deliveries will be  wrapped in recycled packaging whenever possible.


SVT testing is carried out on all our home produced oil infusions used in our balms and salves.  Our products are safety assessed and insured as per UK/EU legal requirement.

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